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Openwell Submersible PumpPower Pack Motor

Openwell Submersible pump

Openwell submersible pumps is used to lift water from ground tank to upper tank, this pump is submersed completely inside the tank. There are two hooks provided in which a rope can be tied and submersed inside water and can be easily lifted up. This pump is noise and vibration free and the performance is very excellent based on our customer review.

Used in:

  1. Hotels, Bungalows, gardens, Industry etc as domestic purpose
  2. Storage water tank filling
  3. Washing car, bikes etc


  1. Accurate design and accurate delivery
  2. High suction capacity
  3. Brass forged Impeller
  4. Mechanical seal
  5. R.R Ceramic Insulated copper wire
  6. Double shielded ball bearings
  7. Light weight easy to lift
  8. Voltage : 200 to 240 V (Single Phase), 50hz power supply
  9. Less maintenance and easy to install
  10. High Durability

TECHNICAL Specification:

Power Rating ( in HP) 0.5 HP / 1 HP
Power Rating (in KW) 0.37 KW / 0.75 KW
Head Range 5 – 30 M
Capacity 9400 – 3050 lph
Voltage 200-240v (Single Phase)
Liquid Clean water

Material used for Construction:

Motor Body Cast Iron and stainless steel
Bearings Ball Bearings
Impeller Forged Brass
Input / Delivery Chamber Graded Cast Iron
Bracket, Outer Cover Graded Cast Iron
Shaft Graded AISI – 410 Stainless Steel
Core Length ½ HP – 55 mm , 1 HP – 70 mm
Stamping L C Stamping/CRNO Stamping
Coil wire R.R Ceramic Insulated copper wire
Painting Red oxide, epoxy primer will be coated initially on the graded cast iron parts as an anti-corrosive. Once it is dried completely then it is painted as the customer wished color

Performance Chart: